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Marrow,” Orca, Issue 12 

Ellesmere,” Cleaning up Glitter, July 2019 Issue

Winning,” Literary Orphans, Issue 36: Nichelle, October 2018

Final Correspondence,” Ripples in Space, Summer 2018 Issue


“Octopus Limbs,” Up the Staircase Quarterly, Issue #61

Our Mother Who Art, Poetry South, December 2022 Issue

My Words are Attempts at Fingers,” in New Note Poetry Magazine, Summer 2022 Issue, pp. 77-78.

Spring is the Existence of one Small Thing, Quibble, Issue. No. 4., August 2022

The Thing that Strings,” in Injured, a Poets' Choice anthology

A Poem is a Red Bug, Slippery Elm, Spring 2022 Print Issue



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